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Yunnan Central New District leaders to our operation of sewage treatment plant research

来源:Shenlong Environmental Protection      Release time:2023-06-13       Number of readings:

According to the Comprehensive Management Department of Yunnan Central New District issued the "Pre-Notice on the Investigation of the Sewage Treatment Plant in the Direct Area of the New District",On May 28, 2023,Yang Dongwei, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of Yunnan Central New District, led a team to investigate the sewage treatment plant in the direct area of the new district,I went to our company to operate the industrial sewage treatment plant of Linhang Industrial Park in central Yunnan。The main person in charge of the new District comprehensive Management Department, the Economic Development Bureau, the Urban Construction Administration Bureau, the Ecological Environment Bureau, the Water Bureau and the urban operation management Service center。