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Publicity on Comrade Wang Junfeng's declaration of professional and technical title of engineer

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About Wang meanComrade declaration engineerProfessional and technical titlesAnnouncement of

Publicity time:July 14, 2023 to July 21, 2023

According to the "Yunnan Province professional title evaluation Management Implementation Measures" (trial) (Yunren Social development [202057No.), "Kunming Human Resources and Social Security Bureau on development2023Notice on the Application and Review of professional and technical Titles (Kunren Social Communication202337No.) and other document requirements, upon my application, the company agreed to recommend Comrade Wang Yongjun to declare the professional and technical title of engineer, and now the relevant materials are publicized as follows:

一、Comrade Wang Junfeng's performance of his duties

Wang Jungong,198908Born in June, universityScientific calendar, Communist Party member,2011  7Graduated from Kunming University of Science and Technology,20118Entered Yunnan Shenlong Environmental Protection (Group) Co., LTD., engaged in environmental monitoring work,20193Transferred to Yunnan Shenlong Environmental Protection (Group) Co., LTDsubsidiaryYunnan Oufan Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. is engaged in environmental monitoring。

20118Month to date main负责Installation, commissioning, project management and operation of automatic pollution source monitoring system, during which I worked as a technician and district manager。Now I am mainly responsible for the management of the area, and coordinate the employees of the area to complete the work related to the automatic monitoring system of pollution sources in the field environmental monitoring。

Up to now, the comrade has been in office for years10More than 10 years, during which I completed related work of the company。

二、Way of publicity

Company publicity column, company website

三、Publicity time


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