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Environmental monitoring during the construction period of the Binlang River Sanchahe hydropower Station in Baoshan CityYunnan Baoshan Binglang River hydropower development Co., LTD2013Year to 2018
2Environmental light-coating monitoring of Agang reservoir project in Qujing city, Yunnan province
Qujing City Agang reservoir project construction administration Bureau2017Year to 2025
3Panlong District into Yunnan river and groundwater quality monitoring projectKunming Panlong district water Bureau2017Year to 2018
4Monitoring of rural domestic sewage in Dianchi Lake Basin and Niulan River water replenishment areaKunming Environmental Monitoring Center2017Year to 2018
5Dianchi Lake river ecological compensation assessment section water quality monitoring government procurement contractKunming Environmental Monitoring Center2017Year to 2018
6The routine water quality monitoring of Yangzong Sea scenic scenic area in Kunming Yangzong Sea main river and lake reservoir water qualityKunming Yangzonghai Scenic Area Management Committee Environment and water resources Protection Bureau2014Year to 2017
7Monitoring of lake and reservoir water quality and river water quality in Yandian Industrial Park and Jiaozi Snow Mountain Tourism Development ZoneIfandian Industrial Park and sedan chair Snow Mountain Tourism Development Zone Management Committee2014Year to 2017
8Kunming Panlong District river section management water quality monitoringKunming Panlong District Environmental Protection Bureau2016Year to 2017
9Water quality monitoring of pilot project of water pollution control and clean water flow mechanism restoration in East River basin of Fuxian Lake, Chengjiang CountyChengjiang County Fuxian lake administration2013From 2014 to 2014

10Water quality monitoring of the north bank of Fuxian Lake, Chengjiang CountyChengjiang County Fuxian lake administration2013From 2014 to 2014
11Water quality monitoring of river channel and wetland in east bank of Fuxian Lake (Huining section)Huaning county Fuxian lake administration2014From 2015 to 2015
12Jiangchuan County Fuxian Lake 12th Five-Year plan project water quality monitoringJiangchuan County Fuxian Lake first level protection buffer zone construction engineering Administration2015年至

Sample collection of the pilot project of comprehensive treatment of agricultural non-point source pollution in the inlet area of northwestern Erhai Lake in Dali CityMonitoring and analytical evaluation

Pilot project of comprehensive control of agricultural non-point source pollution in lake entrance area of northwestern Erhai Lake, Dali City2017
14Environmental monitoring service procurement competitive negotiation project of Dali Municipal Environmental Protection BureauDali City Environmental Protection Bureau
2017Year to 2018
15Xiangyun Fortune Industrial Park master planning revision project environmental status monitoringXiangyun Fortune Industrial Park management Committee2017
16Noise monitoring in the acceptance of the reconstruction and expansion project of the West Second Ring Road in Kunming CityKunming Environmental Monitoring Center2017
17The reconstruction and expansion project of the Northeast Second Ring Road of the Second Ring Road Rapid system in the main urban area of Kunming City has been acceptedKunming Environmental Monitoring Center2017
18Noise monitoring in the acceptance inspection of the South Second Ring Road section of the Second Ring Road Rapid system in the main city of KunmingKunming Environmental Monitoring Center2017
19Kunming key pollution source monitoring field cooperation contractKunming Environmental Monitoring Center2017

20Kunming environmental monitoring site cooperation contract
Kunming Environmental Monitoring Center2017
21Yangzonghai lake water quality encryption monitoringKunming Environmental Monitoring Center2017
22Surface water quality monitoring project commissioned by Mujiali Reservoir water source and Luga River water sourceKunming if dian and Jiaozi Mountain district urban and rural development and unification Bureau2015Year to 2017
23Environmental impact monitoring of river course during construction period of Lufeng County urban road and river comprehensive treatment projectLufeng County urban construction development investment Co., LTD2017
24Monitoring of acoustic environment function area in Kunming Nandian Industrial ParkKunming Environmental Monitoring Center2017
25Dali Xiangyun County Hedian town, Luming Township, Dongshan Yi Autonomous Township, Pu 淜 provincial ecological civilization township environmental quality commissioned monitoringXiangyun County Environmental Protection Bureau2016
26Dali Yangbi Fuheng Township, Jijie Township, Shunbi Township, Taiping Township, Wa Chang Township provincial ecological civilization township environment entrusted monitoringEnvironmental Protection Bureau of Dali Yangbi County2016
27Dali Xiangyun county ecological environment entrusted monitoringDali Xiangyun County Environmental Protection Bureau2016
28Environmental monitoring during construction period of Dianzhong River reservoir project in Weishan County, Dali PrefectureDali state construction project environmental audit acceptance center2016