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Shenlong Environmental Protection

Yunnan deep long environmental protection Co., LTD

  The company was founded in 2001,It is a comprehensive environmental protection technology enterprise specializing in ecological environment governance, environmental protection facilities operation and environmental monitoring, and municipal engineering construction,The main business includes pollution source automatic monitoring system design, installation and operation maintenance;Urban and rural environmental regulation, ecological environment restoration, heavy metal pollution control, environmental pollution control engineering design, construction and installation;Sales of environmental monitoring instruments and equipment, and promotion of environmental protection and new energy equipment and technology;Monitoring and analysis of water quality, air, soil and noise pollution and environmental protection consulting;Urban domestic sewage treatment,Industrial wastewater treatment,Domestic waste disposal,Harmless treatment of industrial solid waste,Municipal infrastructure construction, etc。

    At present, it has a number of branches and subsidiaries, has 2 laboratories, operates 14 sewage treatment plants, 3 domestic waste treatment plants, and has more than 300 employees, and more than 50 professional and technical titles above senior。

    The company has received provincial commendations and awards for more than 10 times, and has various environmental protection qualifications。Certification projects cover water and wastewater, ambient air and waste gas, soil and solid waste, noise and vibration and other categories, more than 200 certification projects, certification method standards more than 300。Over the years, the accumulated donations to poverty alleviation and social welfare exceeded 5 million yuan。

    Yunnan Shenlong Environmental Protection (Group) Co., Ltd. always takes the market as the center, takes the demand as the orientation, takes the talent as the focus, takes the interest as the link, and strives to enhance the overall strength of the company。Focus on the fierce market competition,self-adjustment,Active adaptation,To achieve environmental protection industry,Municipal infrastructure construction, ecological and environmental restoration, comprehensive environmental improvement, environmental monitoring, the promotion of new energy technologies, urban and rural water supply, and agricultural science and technology are taking place at the same time,Out of a "widener landscape,The development path of "longitudinal extension" is the internal enhancement and the external expansion,It has achieved quantitative growth and qualitative improvement。

Shenlong people will protect the ecological environment as their own responsibility, to meet customer environmental protection needs as the starting point, dedicated to provide customers with professional and systematic services。To contribute to the comprehensive improvement of environmental protection and environmental protection industry in Yunnan。

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Main business scope: Permitted projects: construction engineering construction (approved projects according to law,Business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments,The specific business projects shall be subject to the approval documents or license certificates of the relevant departments) General projects: landscaping engineering construction;Environmental protection monitoring;General equipment repair;Special equipment repair;Electrical equipment repair;Technical service, technology development, technology consultation, technology exchange, technology transfer, technology dissemination;General mechanical equipment installation services;Environmental sanitation public facilities installation services;Sewage treatment and recycling;Electronic and mechanical equipment maintenance (excluding special equipment);Instrument repair;Building materials sales;Sales of building decoration materials;Metal material sales;Hardware products wholesale;Hardware products retail;Sales of electronic products;Machinery and equipment sales;Instrument sales;Metal ore sales;Sales of non-metallic minerals and products;Sales of electrical equipment (except for items approved by law),Independently carry out business activities according to law with business license)。