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Oufan environmental protection project

Yunnan Oufan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yunnan Shenlong Environmental Protection Co., LTD。Specializing in pollution source online monitoring system operation and maintenance business, existing staff70余人。Its predecessor is the operation and maintenance Department of Yunnan Shenlong Environmental Protection Co., LTD., which is the first batch of enterprises engaged in the operation and maintenance of pollution source online monitoring system in Yunnan province。2007Obtained the first batch of pollution source online monitoring operation and maintenance qualification in Yunnan Province,2008Obtained the national pollution source online monitoring operation and maintenance qualification。

The company mainly specializes in the sales, installation, acceptance and operation and maintenance of pollution source online monitoring equipment。The company currently operates and maintains online monitoring system for pollution sources300Multiple sets, covering all cities in Yunnan Province,130Multiple enterprises。Industries include energy, chemical, smelting, building materials, logistics, food and so on。


Corporate culture

Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers。Our aim is to provide quality service。Integrity is the cornerstone of our existence, service is the basis of our foundation, quality is our eternal pursuit。Today's high-quality service quality is tomorrow's broad market and infinite hope for the future。

Technology and innovation to improve and lead services, maximize to meet and exceed customer demand for products and services。To maximize the value of the company is the greatest responsibility for employees and society。



Development course


20073Obtained Yunnan Province pollution control (waste water, waste gas) Class B qualification。



2012Obtained the professional operation and maintenance qualification of pollution facilities (gas and water) operation and online monitoring facilities in Yunnan Province, became the first environmental protection company in Yunnan Province to install and operate online equipment, and provided professional environmental protection online monitoring facilities operation and maintenance services for hundreds of enterprises and institutions in Yunnan Province。



In order to meet the development needs of the company, Yunnan Shenlong Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. invested in the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary-----Yunnan Oufan Environmental Engineering Co., LTD。



Corporate business

 The company specializes in providing the overall solution of pollution source online monitoring system, which can be customized for large and medium-sized enterprises。Our company carries out operation and maintenance services in strict accordance with environmental protection requirements, and effectively shares the environmental protection pressure of enterprises in the production process。

Corporate advantage

    Founded more than ten years, the company has cultivated a large number of technical backbone, and always adhere to the business philosophy of sincere service to customers。

    Accurate operation and maintenance timeliness control: The company has set up nine service stations throughout Yunnan Province.64Operation and maintenance engineer,11An operation and maintenance vehicle。Ensure timely and effective operation and maintenance。

    Strict operation and maintenance quality control: the company adoptsCRMThe software monitors the inspection plan and maintenance plan of operation and maintenance engineers。

    Rich industry management experience: the company has long-term cooperation with enterprise customers130In many cases, the number of pollution source online monitoring system operation and maintenance exceeds300套。

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