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Business partner

Major partners in Yunnan industries:

Kunming Environmental Monitoring Center

Kunming Iron and Steel Co., LTD

Yunnan Baiyao Group

Yunnan Copper Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Huaxin Dongjun cement Co., LTD  

Huaxin Yunnan Huaxin Fumin cement Co., LTD  

Yunnan Huaxin Honghe cement Co., LTD

Yunnan Huaxin Dongchuan cement Co., LTD

Yunnan Baoshan Binglang River hydropower development Co., LTD

Qujing City Agang reservoir project construction administration Bureau

Kunming Panlong district water Bureau

Kunming Panlong District Environmental Protection Bureau

Kunming Yangzonghai Scenic Area Management Committee Environment and water resources Protection Bureau

Ifandian Industrial Park and sedan chair Snow Mountain Tourism Development Zone Management Committee

Chengjiang County Fuxian lake administration

Huaning county Fuxian lake administration

Jiangchuan County Fuxian Lake first level protection buffer zone construction engineering Administration

Dali City Environmental Protection Bureau

Dali state construction project environmental audit acceptance center

Pilot project of comprehensive control of agricultural non-point source pollution in lake entrance area of northwestern Erhai Lake, Dali City

Environmental Protection Bureau of Dali Yangbi County

Xiangyun County Environmental Protection Bureau

Dali Xiangyun County Environmental Protection Bureau

Xiangyun Fortune Industrial Park management Committee

Kunming if dian and Jiaozi Mountain district urban and rural development and unification Bureau

Lufeng County urban construction development investment Co., LTD

Gold Star Beer Fumin Co., LTD

Kunming Hande real Estate development Co., LTD

Yunnan Xianglong renewable resources recycling Co., LTD

Yunnan Feng plastic plastic products Co., LTD

Anning Wangxin washing Co., Ltd. washing project

Anning city profit ore processing plant

Anning city Wanfa plant, etc