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Solid waste/sewage treatment

Two pollution division (solid waste/sewage) treatment

Focus on urban and rural, municipal projects, new construction, expansion and reconstruction projects such as sewage, garbage control and management fields。Since its establishment, due to the development requirements of national and provincial environmental protection governance and environmental protection industrial policies, it has developed rapidly, and by mid-2019, it has owned and managed 14 urban and rural sewage plants and 3 waste treatment plants:

Fumin Shenlong sewage treatment plant

Chuxiong Wuding Shenlong sewage treatment Co., LTD

Kunming Dongchuan District Sifang and Bicu Industrial Park sewage treatment plant

Yunnan Diqing Deqin county sewage treatment plant

Wenshan state Qiubei County eight road sentinel township sewage treatment plant

Yunnan Baoshan city central urban sewage treatment plant

Yunnan Baoshan City central urban sewage treatment plant two

Yongshan County sewage treatment plant

Lugu Lake sewage treatment plant

Dali Weishan sewage treatment plant

Longling Huangcaoba sewage treatment plant

Yongshan County landfill

Wuding city garbage disposal Co., LTD

Qiubei County Badao shao township landfill site

Municipal Engineering Division:

Affiliated to Yunnan Shuodong Business Information Co., LTD., the main level of municipal environmental protection project construction, construction。

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